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2022.11 / Produce

オーディオテクニカ60周年事業「ANALOG MARKET」に、作品展示とコンテンツキュレーションを担当。アナログシンセと古物の箪笥を使用したインスタレーション作品を制作し、会期中は茶会とアナログシンセのライブパフォーマンスを実施。また、アーティストが実際に所有し愛聴するアナログレコードを展示、販売するレコードマーケット「Artist's Record Shelf」も開催。連綿と連なるアナログの価値を様々な形態で提供することを試みた。

Exhibited works and curated contents for Audio-Technica's 60th anniversary project "ANALOG MARKET". Created an installation work using analog synthesizers and antique chests. During the exhibition, a tea ceremony and live performance of analog synthesizers were held. The "Artist's Record Shelf," a record market where artists exhibit and sell the analog records they actually own and love to listen to, was also held. The exhibition attempted to offer the continuous value of analog in a variety of forms.


Synthesizer+Sound: Galcid+Hisashi Saito
Visual: Colo Müller (COSMIC LAB)
Sound Design: Whitelight, YATSUSHIRO TATAMIx
Curios: Junkan Works

Tea Ceremony:

Tea Master:Souryou Matsumura , Souan Nagae
Cooperation:Space Ohara
Tea Ceremony Planning:Mucha-Kucha inc.
Special Thanks:Ryuta Aoki (The TEA-ROOM)

Produce / Curation: Yuki Tamai (epigram inc.)
Executive Producer: Sohichiro Matsumoto (audio-technica)

Artist's Record Shelf
Produce / Curation:

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