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2023.3 / Produce

佐賀県と歴史的な交流を持つオランダ文化の視点を通して、佐賀県の文化的、歴史的な魅力を再発見・再認識し、地域の活性化を図るプロジェクト「Land Memory and Folk Song〜土地の記憶とうた〜」。



オランダから来日し、滞在制作を行ったのは、映像作家のLavinia Xausa(ラヴィニア・サウザ)、楽曲を制作したのは音楽家でありパフォーマーのJasmine Karimova(ジャスミン・カリモヴァ)。そして、佐賀県ゆかりの邦楽三人娘(北原香菜子、高橋浩寿、永池あかり)がその演奏を担当。

Jasmine Karimovaが編曲した「きゃあつぐろ」を、邦楽三人娘が嬉野の自然の中で演奏する様子、幼少期にわらべ歌を歌っていた地元(嬉野)の方へのインタビュー、そして「きゃあつぐろ」をテーマにしたワークショップの様子を収めたドキュメンタリーフィルムをLavinia Xausaが監督した。


出演: 邦楽三人娘(北原香菜子、髙橋浩寿、永池あかり)、ジャスミン・カリモヴァ
撮影: 保利一誠(XIV STUDIO)
プロジェクトマネジャー:中村美由希(XIV STUDIO)
レコーディングエンジニア:石橋三喜彦 (Heacon Labo)、勝木悠生(Heacon Labo)
プロデューサー:玉井裕規(epigram inc.)+ ヴィンセント・スキッパー、クララ・ヴァン ・ダウクレン (Studio The Future)

This work was produced within the context of "Land Memory and Folk Song" — a cultural initiative by Saga Prefectural Government and produced by Epigram and Studio The Future. The goal of the initiative is to revitalize the Saga by rediscovering and reaffirming the cultural and historical attractions of Saga Prefecture through the Dutch perspective, which has historical exchange with Saga Prefecture.

For this project, a group of artists and makers, led by Netherlands based artists, researched folk songs from Saga Prefecture. The artists stayed in the prefecture for a certain period of time and worked with artists associated with Saga Prefecture and workshop participants. Together they create musical and visual works that revive folk songs in a new form for the modern age.

The theme of this year's folk song is "Kyaatsuguro," a traditional folk song from the Shiota-cho area of Ureshino. ”Kyatsuguro" is Kyushu dialect for a wild bird called "Kaituburi.” There is also folk art of the same name that originated in the Kishima mountain area of Saga Prefecture.

The two artists in residence from the Netherlands were Lavinia Xausa, a filmmaker, and Jasmine Karimova, a musician and performer, who created the music for the piece. Hougaku Sannin-musume were in charge of the performance.

Lavinia Xausa directed the documentary film that includes a performance of "Kyaatsuguro" arranged by Jasmine Karimova in the nature of Ureshino, interviews with Ureshino residents about their childhood memories of singing children's songs, and a workshop on the theme of "Kyaatsuguro".

Inspired by their surroundings and from local residents, the artists added and arranged lyrical and philosophical, original and personal lyrics, and visualized them using documentary techniques. By doing so, the project aims to convey a universal message to everyone, and at the same time, to pass on Saga's almost forgotten folk songs to future generations and to the world.

Film Director: Lavinia Xausa
Composer: Jasmine Karimova
Starring: Hougaku Sannin-musume (Kanako Kitahara, Koju Takahashi, Akari Nagaike), Jasmine Karimova
Cinematographer: Issey Hori (XIV STUDIO)
Production Manager: Miyuki Nakamura (XIV STUDIO)
Sound Engineer: Shinya Kiyokawa
Catalyst: Takao Ito
Recording Engineer: Mikihiko Ishibashi (Heacon Labo), Yuki Katsuki (Heacon Labo)
Producer: Yuki Tamai (epigram inc.) + Vincent Schipper, Klara van Duijkeren (Studio The Future)
Organized by Saga Prefectural Government

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