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環境に音の「点」を打ち、「点」の集合が新たな環境をデザインする。TOKYO KANKYOが新たに開発する、


We will design a new environment by creating a set of "dots" of sound in the environment. Our newly developed product will renew environmental music.

An acoustic device that automatically generates sound to design the environment.
High quality full range omni-directional speaker units and amplifiers,
The system contains various technologies such as a high-quality full-range omni-directional speaker unit, amplifier, sound generation program, network function, and power supply in an all-in-one package, and when placed in a single unit, it produces sound tailored to the environment. When multiple units are placed, they communicate with each other to create a multi-channel acoustic space by themselves, generating ambience and musical sounds that change the atmosphere of the place, as if it were a natural environment.

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